Lenovo teases the K4 Note; coming next month with a fingerprint scanner

Lenovo teases the K4 Note; coming next month with a fingerprint scanner


K4 Note
Lenovo’s K3 Note has been one of the most popular phones for the brand, and from the looks of it, a successor is due very soon.

The successor will be in the form of the K4 Note, which is allegedly in for a launch next month in India.

While the K3 Note is far from a premium phone, the K4 Note will apparently be made out of higher quality material.

This includes a brushed metal frame among other things. What the K4 Note will also bring to the table is a fingerprint sensor, something that lacked on the K3 Note.

The K4 Note is expected to launch in India (at least), with other markets to follow. The first launch will take place in January 2016.

There’s no word on the specifications of this phone, but a usual suspect with regards to the SoC would be the Helio X10 which has managed to make its way into some mid-range phones.

More news to follow as it comes.

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  • Could this be the Vibe X3?

    • Joel Adames

      Andi, no word yet on your impressions for the BLUBOO XTOUCH ?? or from someone from the team?? i mean review, impressions and such???

      • Muhammad Yasir

        same question as joel !

        • Max

          after the depressing reviews of other guys out there i consider it dead. and i was one of the most hyped for it! XD

          • Muhammad Yasir

            same as me :/

      • Tajwar

        He’s like “I don’t care anymore”

    • Muhammad Yasir

      plz no , i want this to be the ULTRA-CHEAP K4 NOTE !

      • Dante


  • Mateus Marta

    A Dolby Atmos logo is on the bottom of the phone, so we can expect that as well.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      a big plus !

  • Muhammad Yasir

    oh boy !
    PLEASE BE CHEAP ! im a BIG FAN of Lenovo !

    • Steven Fox

      The K3 Note was not cheap when it came out, and with the X10 it should be priced at around 160$(Redmi Note 2) or 199$(Redmi Note 3)depends on allot of things.
      Don`t expect it to retail for 130$, like the current K3 Note.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        k den

      • Max

        i consider that pretty cheap. everything under $200 for a phone that updates on the good qualtity and perfect hardware mix of the k3 note with better looks and a metal frame would be perfect. two wishes tho: make the battery bigger and PLEASE don’t use the 6753… 🙂

        • Levi Smith

          Agreed. 6753 would be a disappointment.

      • Ishti

        K3 note was the cheapest 6752 at the time of release. 🙂

  • xi7

    k3 note android = 100% ads , system stop all time

    • Adam Irvine

      Not with the ROW Rom from India… I know, I’ve flashed one and it was perfect afterward.

      • Simon

        Out of Interest: Are you running a OnePlus One or Two ?

        • Adam Irvine

          Haha… Still on the One. It’s still going way too strong after nearly 2 years for me to justify replacing it yet…

    • Stavros G

      Lol man, there are multilanguage roms that work fine, chech needrom. And Lenovo has no responsibility for the shitty roms that others put to the phones to sell them out of china.