UMi Zero 2, 10 core, dual camera and high price

umi zero 2

It has been a while since UMi Zero 2 details had been made available, and we can see from the latest that some changes to the phone have been made.

UMi started their promotion of the UMi Zero 2 a few months back revealing (at the time) that the phone would be a dual screen phone, but later confusing followers that the phone would also have a leather covered back.

We’re unsure if those initial details have now been thrown out the window, but today’s revelation doesn’t mention either detail on the flagship phone.

UMi Zero 2 Specifications

So while a dual screen and leather rear aren’t mentioned what is mentioned are the following UMi Zero 2 specifications.

First up, UMi claim the display on the UMi Zero 2 will be a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED panel. This is great news as its a good compact size and AMOLED panels offer natural dark colours. At just 5.2-inch a 1080 FHD display would be enough, but UMi say that they will opt for a 2K panel. 2K at this size seems overkill to us, but it is surely going to attract customers who want the highest specs for their money.

UMi have also confirmed that a 10 core processor will be used in the phone. The exact model hasn’t been revealed but we can hazard a guess that they hope to use the Mediatek Helio X20. The phone is also going to get 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage too.

Last but not least is the use of a dual camera design. The two rear cameras on the UMi Zero 2 will work together to record depth in photos and could also be used to collect more light during low-light conditions (although this last detail is just a feature we have seen other phone makers use).

UMi have only shown one image of the new UMi Zero 2 design. The phone has a slim metal chassis, SIM tray and physical home button below the display. The side profiles show the screen sits on top of the chassis with 2.5D curve in a design similar to the Vivo X5 Pro (the front is unmistakably Meizu).

As for pricing, well with dual camera tech, and a 2K display UMi are being realistic and tell fans to expect a price of around $299. What do you think of this phone?

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