Bluboo Picasso, Bluboo’s most important device of 2016?

bluboo picasso

Bluboo Xfire 2, Bluboo Xwatch but it’s the Bluboo Picasso that this phone maker says will be one of their most important device of 2016!

What’s this? 2016 is only hours away (for some of us) but already Bluboo have told us that their most important phone of the coming year is this!

After springing the new 3 SIM Xfire 2 and and Xwatch wearable on us for 2016, Bluboo have now forewarned us that their most important phone of they year will be the Bluboo Picasso smartphone, yet failed to tell us why.

Bluboo Picasso

bluboo picasso

Under normal circumstances a phone maker would make a bold claim like this then fill us in about what their next phone is going to have, but not Bluboo! instead all we know is the device will be a 5-inch model with super slim bezels (making an 80% screen ratio) and that it won’t have virtual buttons.

bluboo picasso

So what will make this the most important Bluboo of 2016? Well at this time we have no clue. The design of the phone features a round rear and what we assume to be a metal chassis, but nothing so far stands out as being unique or special to the phone, so what could Bluboo have planned? Any ideas please let us know in the comments below.

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