Huawei P9 to launch at CES with 6GB RAM?

Huawei P9 to launch at CES with 6GB RAM?


If the current crop of 4GB RAM flagship Android phones don’t quite pique your interest then what about a Huawei P9 with a cool 6GB RAM?

With CES kicking off next week there are already plenty of rumours pointing at what manufacturers will be releasing. We have already seen a few details including a teaser for the Huawei Honor X3 tablet, but that’s not all the tech giant have in store for the expo.

Huawei P9 CES 2016

huawei p9

On the smartphone side of their range, Huawei could be releasing the Huawei P9 sporting a dual camera on the rear and a full 6GB RAM under the hood. All of that memory will be plugged in to an octacore Kirin 950 GPU with Mali-T880 MP4 GPU.

All of that computing power would be more than enough for a 2K display, but Huawei are believed to be sticking to their guns and keeping resolution down to FHD standards across the 5.2-inch panel.

The launch will take place on the same day as their tablet announcement, so keep an eye out for more Huawei new from CES on the 5th January.

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  • Assefa Hanson

    by dual camera i hope its duoscopic like the qiku q terra and not just for depth of view only, as for FHD thats cool, to this day the best 1080p screen ive ever seen in my life is the lenovo vibe shot

    • King

      did u get a chance to ssee the q terra in real?? i got the invite … but until i see a camera review on gizchina or some such place (don’t trust what the news blogs write), then i can decide.

      • Assefa Hanson

        seen it and it’s quality is genuinely excellent, you can check out gogi rana youtube video or blog page to see the quality yourself

  • rimakus


  • MattD

    I’m not falling for that, no one is going to use 6gb of ram in the short run.

    However, assuming it could be real, it would be totally retarded to use 6gb of ram on a chip with a mp4 mali t880: if anything, use 4gb of ram and upgrade the gpu to an mp8 (which have been the weak part of every kirin soc so far)

    • Rob

      Same could be said for Mediatek, they insist on putting poor gpu’s into cpus with too many cores.

      • MattD

        Yep, totally the same! But while i can undestrand mediatek in some of their choices (the mali t760 was one of the best gpu on the market, an mp8 version on a midrange like the mt6752 would have screwed helio x10’s sales even further) i really don’t get why Huawei is cutting costs so much on the gpu department on their flagship chips (kirin 935 has a 3 years old gpu, the 950 has a new gpu but both are really limited).
        I’m not saying mediatek is doing any better, the powervr 6200 was good in 2014 while the overclocked version on the x10 was quite lame, but still better than the poor mali t628 on the kirin 935!

        • Rob

          I don’t have a problem with the gpu cores they use, its more the lack of them that bothers me! The X20 would be great if it had 6 cpu cores and 8 gpu cores. If the leaked details of the X30 is correct then we have even more reason for concern as it will have the same gpu as the x20 making it even more outdated as we wont see it for at least another 12 months.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            oh boy 🙁

      • Marius Cirsta

        Actually I don’t really mind that much since I’m not into gaming on my phone. For UI what Mediatek puts in is more than enough.

        The only thing with Mediatek is that you need software to use all those n cores they have but things like Chrome are reported to be able to.

        I have 2GB of RAM on my phone and find it more than enough for casual stuff. Hell , laptops are sold with 4GB. We should really put a limit on this RAM usage , 2 GB should be enough for most stuff, 4GB for high end but no more. RAM also uses power.

    • You got it right MattD.

    • balcobomber25

      Not everyone is into gaming. For a lot of people a Mali t880 is more than enough for their daily needs. I love Kirin and Mediatek chips because I do a lot of video editing, which is very processor intensive, it relies very little on the GPU.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        IM INTO GAMING 😀 !

      • MattD

        I’m not into gaming, but i think a flagship soc should have an high level gpu, but it’s not even that: I’m upset by the choise to use a certain gpu, but downgrade it badly!

  • waterresist

    Maybe ready for a real continuum experience?

  • Seriously, I’m never gonna consider this phone for a number of reasons.

    1. I don’t need 6GB of RAM in my smartphone for any reason. 3GB is more than most people will ever use on there phone so why buy one with 6GB? For power users, 4GB is super cool. It ain’t like I’m gonna ditch my laptop and switch to smartphone for my web development and 3D graphic jobs. The only reason why some dumb fools will buy this is just for bragging rights. I purchase my devices for their usability and not for bragging.

    2. 5.2″ display is not for me.

    3. The dual cameras is only going to be for taking in additional light or depth and not for anything 3D.

    4. It’s a Huawei. I don’t have any intentions of breaking a bank just to purchase a 6GB Ram phone.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      you’re a good man , Michael 🙂

    • Joel Adames

      Bragging rights in Apple and Samsung books account for more than half their profits so there you go, people love bragging rights and that sells, so “you are welcome” in advance for me helping you understand how marketing works.

      • I dont remember employing you as my PERSONAL ADVISOR.

        That said, whether Apple and Samsung are selling their devices for bragging rights is none of my business and that’s the reason why I am never gonna purchase any from them.

        Like I said earlier, in case you didn’t read that part of my comment, I purchase my devices for their usability and not for BRAGGING RIGHTS.

        • Joel Adames

          Oh so sorry I didn’t mean to put it as if I was going to charge you for it. Anyway demographics put YOUR SPECIFIC CASE into mid-range class phone requirements and thus would exclude you of giving an objective opinion on something you yourself say would not need/find useful.

          There’s never such thing as too much power even when we can’t afford it or find it useful, at some point it becomes either mainstream or useful,


          • Lol … you are one really funny person.

            “Anyway demographics put YOUR SPECIFIC CASE into mid-range class phone requirements and thus would exclude you of giving an objective opinion on something you yourself say would not need/find useful.”

            Who the hell made you my JUDGE? And how do you know whether I am a power user or just any other smartphone user? You dont have any idea how many smartphones and tablets I have added to the computers too.

            From your comments on this website, its very obvious that you cannot afford any of these phones. I aired my view as did every other person that have commented on this very post, so you have no single right to start judging.

            And enlighten me if I am wrong but when exactly are we gonna need 6GB of RAM in a phone? 2016/17/18? 4GB just debuted last year and everyone clapped and now 6GB? And next year you will want 10GB RAM in your goddamn smartphone. Do you really need all that?

            Mention any Android app that can really utilize more than 1GB of RAM. Dude, this is Android we are talking about and not our Windows workstations. And Yea, I know where your argument will go… Loading more applications into memory. Its PLAIN STUPID to let applications keep running in the background while they drain power from the limited one supplied by the battery. Its people like you that spend lots of money to purchase a Porsche or Lamborghini only to let the car rot in the garage. What is the point in wasting money on something you ultimately won’t need? Why not put that money into something else more useful?

            Thats my ideology of life anyways.

            Look man, this should be the last time you will ever judge me based on my opinion of any device posted here. You know nothing about me or what kinda device I like or dont like.

            • Joel Adames

              OK, fair enough don’t need to rant about it. Have a nice day and keep it cool.

  • Nolan

    Just tell me the AnTuTu v5 score – Above 85,000 and I’m sold. Orgasm for a 90,000+ score. Nothing like having this sort of computing power on a mobile device.

    • balcobomber25

      What if it is 84,999?

      • King

        premature ejaculation… maybe? 😉 (no offence intended)

      • Nolan

        I’ll take it. I’ll be pretty happy within a +/- 3000 range, honestly.

        • balcobomber25

          But not 81,000?

    • Andrew P

      And what are you going to do with that computing power ? Will you be playing Angry Birds and Tetris ?

      • Nolan

        No, more like the newer upcoming games of 2016 – the most intense 3D games, the multi-gigabytes ones which are slowly encroaching into PC territory in terms of installation size and graphics complexity. I think this will be a superb fit for games for the next 2 years.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    thats BADASS !

    guess someone will be selling BOTH of their Kidneys (AND going on Dialysis) for this baby 😀

    • killer89

      One kidney should be enough.

  • Acer_Predator

    Really want to see the design..
    That is first ..
    Now Mate 8 is now looking crap and that not even released yet..