GooApple i7 is an iPhone 7 clone with flagship phone specs

gooapple i7 iphone 7 clone

With all the excitement about the upcoming iPhone 7 models it comes as no surprise that Chinese clone makers are already planning to cash in on the latest iPhone instalment.

We’re all well aware of clone brands like GooPhone, well GooApple are a similar company who make it their business to merge Google’s Android OS with the design of Apple’s latest iPhones.

The company currently sell knock versions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus called the GooApple i6 that feature a clone of iOS 8.1 (based on Android) either 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch displays and up to 64GB internal memory.

GooApple i7 iPhone 7 clone

gooapple i7 iphone 7 clone

The recent flood of possible iPhone 7 renders has already given GooApple the inspiration they need to start planning their own iPhone 7 clone called the GooApple i7.

The featured image is a screenshot of a page sent in by an anonymous tipster, which clearly shows one of the better looking iPhone 7 renders with the GooApple i7 naming. What we don’t see in the image are the purported specifications which for a clone (or another Chinese phone) are quite impressive.

Apparently the GooApple i7 will get the Mediatek Helio P10 treatment with 4GB RAM and up to 256GB internal memory plus space for a micro SD card. The battery size is claimed to be 3100mAh with fast charging technology and the slim metal body will feature NFC, audio HIFI and even a 16 mega-pixel main camera!

Like current Apple iPhone clones, the GooApple i7 will ship with Android, Android 6.0 in this case, with an iOS UI over the top.

If you read that list of hardware and have a few doubts then you aren’t the only ones. The specifications that the GooApple i7 claims to be getting would make it one heck of a Chinese Android phone clone or not, but we find it hard to believe this clone maker will meet its promises.

What do you think of this iPhone 7 clone? What do you think of the specs? Let us know in the comments below.

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