Chuwi Hi12 meets the iPad Pro

chuwi hi12 ipad pro

Tablets are getting bigger for 2016 and two of the largest have met in the flesh. Take a look at the iPad Pro and the new Chuwi Hi12 tablet.

When tablets became a consumer product the idea behind them was to be simply used for media consumption. The iPad and various Android tablets quickly became more popular, but now hardware has gotten smaller and more powerful we can ask our touch screen slates to do a little more.

chuwi hi12 ipad pro

Here we see the iPad Pro with China’s Chuwi Hi12 tablet side by side. Seeing the two tablets next to each other it really is incredible how thin Intel powered tablets have become.

chuwi hi12 ipad pro

Like the iPad Pro, the Chuwi Hi12 has a 12-inch display, and a thin gold all alloy body, but runs Windows 10 on it’s Intel¬†X5¬†Series¬†Cherry¬†Trail¬†Z8300¬†CPU Trail chipset rather than iOS. Another trick the Chuwi will get in the future is a dual boot option. The ability to run either Windows (for work) or Android.

Chuwi Hi12 Specification Highlights

  • 12.0¬†Inch¬†2160 x 1440¬†Screen¬†Resolution
  • Intel¬†X5¬†Series¬†Cherry¬†Trail¬†Z8300¬†CPU
  • Windows¬†10¬†+¬†Android¬†5.1¬†Dual¬†OS
  • 4GB¬†RAM¬†+¬†64GB¬†ROM¬†(micro SD support)
  • 2MP¬†Front¬†Camera,¬†¬†5MP¬†Back¬†Camera
  • 11000mAh¬†Battery

The Chuwi Hi12 is on pre-sale at the moment for $249.99 and we have been told to expect a sample for review so keep your eyes peeled.

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