Android 6 for Lenovo K3 Note and Lenovo P1 now in beta

Lenovo k3 note android 6

Lenovo in China have just chosen their beta testers to try out the first beta of Android 6 for the Lenovo K3 Note and Lenovo P1.

Over on the Chinese Lenovo Club forums fans have taken part in a competition to become beta testers for an Android 6 update for the Lenovo P1 and supremely popular Lenovo L3 Note smartphones.

K3 Note users have already stated testing Android 6 on their phones and have commented that battery life with the early update isn’t as good as they had experienced in the past but with such an early release this is only to be expected.

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Android 6 for the Lenovo K3 Note

Overall though beta testers have been pretty impressed by the early update and how few bugs it has and how smooth the system is on the 1.7Ghz 2GB RAM phone.

Beta tests are still in the early stages but we hope a final build will be released not long after the Chinese New Year.

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  1. AneynAmi
    January 22, 2016

    Great news! We need more software optimization and updates. Congratulations Lenovo! I hope Meizu, Xioami and other Chinese manufacturers come this way.

    • MattD
      January 22, 2016

      …and now that this brave guy told us the unspeakable truth, something we all always knew all along but never dare say… Now that this hero has opened Pandora’s jar about Xiaomi not updating its phones, unlike Lenovo…
      Now, we all can go home.
      Good game, everyone.

      • Max
        January 23, 2016

        wow, pretty darn sarcastic. XD

      • Kekrembec
        January 23, 2016

        You are a funy adolescent. Lenovo brings latest Android update for middle range phones. What about Meizu and xiaomi for their flagships like mx4 and pro, mx5 and pro, mi4, redmi note series etc?

        • Karly Johnston
          January 23, 2016

          Mi4 got 6.0.1 and Win 10… what you got?

  2. Mr.Flying Zoom3rz
    January 23, 2016

    Hell yeah!!

  3. Robert Dennis
    January 24, 2016

    My dad still has a completely unusable Lenovo K3 Note that he got from Gearbeat. It’s almost completely frozen because of strange chinese search engines and apps that keep appearing. I used the ‘clean’ rom that was linked to on this site – put it on the phone for him but all those strange chinese apps started appearing again. It’s like watching the loading screen on some ancient computer as you ask the phone to do something and then wait 10mins or so to see if it will or won’t.
    Not techie enough to understand were the blasted crud is hiding and why an install of a clean ROM won’t get rid of it. Here’s hoping this will do the job when it appears.

    • PandaTel
      January 25, 2016

      I got one with that clear ROM and works fine without those chinese caracters and apps. So keep faith try to re install… it should clean you phone

      • Robert Dennis
        January 25, 2016

        Thanks for the reply. I’ll try again but can’t understand where the apps are hiding on the phone that they were able to come back again.

  4. Paul Peck
    January 29, 2016

    Does it support Android Wear App?? I see posts that Lenovo K3 Note Does not support it all?