This Week On GizChina: Elephone P9000, Xiaomi Mi 5 and more

Another week goes by, and we’ve another set of articles that GizChina readers have stormed through the week.

Elephone sent over info about the P9000 as well, besides some more happenings throughout the week.

As is the case every Friday, here’s the weekly digest of the most viewed content on GizChina… just so you know what your compatriots are up to!

Gizchina News of the week

This Week On GizChina — 01/2/2016

It’s kind of surprising to see the Letv Le 1 review almost on the #1 position despite being over 6 months old. Goes to show there’s ALWAYS scope for a great budget phone in the Chinese market!

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  1. realjjj
    January 22, 2016

    Realized that you guys missed some news.
    Vivo X6S Plus went through a Chinese regulator with SD652
    Meizu might do an IPO this year
    Asus Pegasus 5000 with 4850mAh battery, 1080p, MT6753 and so on at 1299CNY(197.5$) and up.
    Possible existence of 3 new MTK chips – MT6737, MT6738,MT6750
    Xiaolajiao Red Chili Note 3 – MT6753 5,5 1080p, 2GB Ram 16GB 5/13MP Cams 2800mah
    Cube i9

    i’ll edit if i remember more.

    • January 22, 2016

      Also heard Meizu might be cutting staff by 10%

      • realjjj
        January 22, 2016

        What i’ve seen on Chinese sites through Google Translate seems to be that they made some small cuts but nothing too big.. It is a good point in this context since companies do trim the fat ahead of an IPO and it’s likely that this is why they reduced the workforce a bit to cut costs, makes them more appealing to investors.
        Unfortunately if they do an IPO, it becomes less likely for them to have great prices, being a publicly traded company puts a lot of pressure on you to make a solid profit. Private companies have more flexibility.
        Sure an IPO would provide some funds,allowing them to expand outside China more aggressively.

        • January 22, 2016

          As long as they make the right cuts. Meizu (like most big brands) have “too many cooks for the kitchen”

          • realjjj
            January 22, 2016

            Can’t really comment on that , don’t even know what’s the size of their workforce.
            We’ll see what they have this year, growing further will be difficult and they’ll need some stunning devices. I really hope they get rid of the home button at least in some models, not only because that home button doesn’t make sense but for more diversity in aesthetics , it’s not great when all your devices look the same and it gets boring fast. Kinda liked the weird AR and the little dot for some reason but not what they are doing now.

    • Roberto Tomás
      January 23, 2016

      > Possible existence of 3 new MTK chips – MT6737, MT6738,MT6750

      mtk news item:

      • realjjj
        January 24, 2016

        pconline was the source and that article does link to it.

  2. Roberto Tomás
    January 23, 2016

    the P9000 is very nearly the same value as the M3.

    P9000 — has a nicer screen (thinner bezel), and 1GB more ram, android 6 out-of-the-gate, and NFC, but no SD card slot (the sim slots apparently don’t double as SD slots, either). it costs $20 more at pre-order, and $60 more once it goes on sale.

    M3 — has a far better camera, and an SD card slot. but lacks some of the polish of the P9000 and clearly is just a resell of older parts because it still has android 5.1 on it.

    • hans
      January 24, 2016

      They are all presale and nobody knows if they ever come on the market