Video: Ulefone Power fingerprint features

Like many new Chinese smartphones the Ulefone Power comes with a fingerprint scanner, but Ulefone have been smart enough to add a few extra features.

Fingerprint scanners are the norm on Chinese phones these days, but it’s still rare to see a Chinese phone that has a fingerprint scanner that can do anything more than similar unlock your phone.

Ulefone have been a little smarter with their fingerprint scanner on the Ulefone Power though and added useful features that many users will appreciate:

  • Application lock
  • Fingerprint quick start
  • Fingerprint camera control

The first feature is the obviously the most useful of the bunch and means that you can not only secure your phone as a whole but also lock individual applications.

Fingerprint quick start is a neat feature too, and because the Ulefone Power asks you to identify each fingerprint it means you could have up to 10 fingerprint activated shortcuts on the phone.

You can see the Ulefone Power fingerprint scanner features in the above video. More details will come in our upcoming Ulefone Power review.

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