GooPhone plan to launch the Apple Watch 2 before Apple

goophone apple watch 2

Take one look at the mystery wearable in the photos and you would likely think that this is the next ten Apple Watch 2, but our sources suggest that perhaps our old friends Goophone are up to their old tricks again.

Two images show a unnamed wearable with similar Apple Watch styling but a new round design. From what we can see the watch will have a metal body, rubber strap and a couple of physical buttons to interactive with the various options and settings.

The round display isn’t clearly shown but we do get a glimpse of the UI and it does look a lot like the Apple Watch interface. We assume the ‘winder’ control on the watches body is for cycling though various menus. The fact that we can even see the UI suggest the use of a decent IPS display.

goophone apple watch 2

While we don’t know the specifications for the watch we do believe it is Goophone who are behind it and that they are once again privee to Apple’s plans for their second wearable.

If this is a GooPhone watch (GooWatch?) we wonder if we will see the infamous company back in action with models styled on the next gen iPhone later this year too?

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