Xiaomi Mi5 launch date confirmed 24th Feb

Xiaomi Mi5 launch date confirmed 24th Feb

xiaomi mi5 launch

Xiaomi have confirmed that they will be launching their flagship Xiaomi Mi5 on the 24th Feb!

It’s been a long haul for fans of Xiaomi’s flagship products, but finally the date we have been waiting for has been confirmed. Xiaomi today released their plans to launch the Xiaomi Mi5 on the 24th Feb.

Apparently the launch will take be spread over a 2 hour long presentation, so we assume the Xiaomi won’t just be launching the Xiaomi Mi5 at the event (unless of course they plan to release 2 x Mi5 as these rumours suggested).

xiaomi mi5 launch

Very little is confirmed for the Xiaomi Mi5 at this moment the only firm detail being that the phone will come with a Snapdragon 820 chipset.

Other rumours have pointed at everything from a curved display, physical home button, to a flat front and rear mounted fingerprint scanner.

To keep in competition with other brands though the Xiaomi Mi5 should ship with at least 4GB RAM, 16 mega-pixel rear camera, laser focus and a large battery with fast charging. Keep posted for more Mi5 news.

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  • Angry Mobile Nerd

    They’re really off to a slow start this year. By the end of February everyones only going to be thinking two things: S7 and G5.

    • Simon

      I think the big news is for 2016 is HTC. The HTC M10 in March:


      Supposedly 2 Nexus devices to top it off as well !

    • Bailey

      Well let’s hope what they bring is quality it does not matter to me that they are off to a slow start because I won’t be buying a Samsung or Lg phone I strictly now only go for China made handsets so a mi 4i user I can’t wait to buy another one of their phones.

    • balcobomber25

      I guess I am not included in that “everyone” because I am not going to be thinking of either of those two. I am guessing many on this site will care more about the Mi5, MX6, Oppo Find 9, Nubia Z11 and any of the other Chinese flagships more than the G5 or S7.

      • Simon

        I’m thinking Oppo Find 9, Xiaomi Mi 5 and Huawei Nexus 6P upgraded with SD 820 processor.

        • balcobomber25

          For me it comes down to Xiaomi Mi5 vs Meizu MX6, one of those two will be my next phone, it all depends which one wins me over the best. If Vivo would release a successor to the Xshot, I would also seriously consider that.

          I very much doubt there will be an upgraded Nexus 6p, but you never know.

    • MaxPower

      Mostly everyone will be talking about those 2 phones regardless what Chinese company will come out with.
      That’s because most of Chinese company have almost no presence in the west.

      It’s a niche market that has nothing to do with slow or fast start.

      In China they will only be talking of Xiaomi,Huawei,Vivo and Oppo like usually.

      Same here in Gizchina.
      I don’t think anybody will give a damn of what Samsung and LG will come out with.
      I hear people complaining about how overpriced are Chinese phones included Xiaomi. I guess they never saw what’s the price of a Galaxy

      • balcobomber25

        The funny thing is on the other site I visit regularly, Android Authority. I am seeing more reference to Chinese phones (especially Xiaomi) than ever before. With the disappearance of phone subsidies and phones like OnePlus and Honor 5x in the West, consumers (and journalists) realize they don’t need to pay $600 for a great phone. Samsung and LG have to be sweating bullets as more and more cheaper flagships are making their way to the West and Europe, two markets that they have dominated for years.

      • Angry Mobile Nerd

        Actually I’ve heard colleagues already talking about holding off on buying a new phone to wait and see how good the S7 is. But yes, LG is the Austin Martin of cars in China; virtually no presence or market share whatsoever. 10 years here never really heard or can recall anyone talking about an upcoming Chinese phone, really. They only talk about Chinese phones after they’ve been launched and the mass marketing/brain washing has commenced. Galaxy and iPhones are still the top status symbol phones you can own here. I’m speaking from your average local consumer point of view, of course their are fanboys in China who are still waiting for new local phones to come out and talking and gossiping on forums much like users here.

        The nice part about galaxy phones is the price will fall over time whereas the price of Chinese phones virtually don’t change until the manufacturer does an official price drop. The Mi Note Pro hasn’t even dropped $100 USD since release but the S6’s price has dropped several hundreds in the same time frame to the point where you can almost buy a S6 for the price of a Mi Note Pro — this is where Chinese phones start to lose their competitive edge. Sounds backwards but they become less of a value the longer you wait as international brands become a better value over time as their prices fall faster.

        • MaxPower

          I’ve read your comment a couple of times and still haven’t figure out if you meant to be sarcastic.

          I don’t live in China so I can’t speak by personal experience and that’s why I share some reliable sources.


          After Xiaomi and Huawei, we have Apple, Samsung, Vivo and Oppo.

          LG is included into that global 4% where we have like 20 total manufacturers.

          Samsung and Apple together make almost 50% of market share worldwide but this trend doesn’t reflect in China and that was my whole point.

          Speaking of MI Note Pro… Once again I don’t know where you get your Infos.
          The phone was launched at a price of 3299 yuan ($532 – at last year exchange rate)


          Then when the phone was available they dropped the price to 2999 Yuan ($483 – back in time exchange rate)


          Today it costs 2499 Yuan ($379 today rate)

          800 Yuan in China or $150 (considering the exchange rate) less than what was priced at launch.

          Galaxy s6 edge 32GB unlocked and bought from Samsung China:
          Price at launch was 5888 Yuan.
          Go to their website and the price is still 5888 Yuan.
          The ones that sells for less (eBay or other resellers) are those carrier locked.

          • balcobomber25

            Anytime there is a Xiaomi announcement he is on here saying how no one he knows in China uses them.

            • MaxPower

              I’ve noticed he has issues with Xiaomi. I wonder what’s the deal behind it.

              Obviously everybody will keep an eye at what Samsung will do this year. They are the leading brand of android devices.
              Last year at Barcelona it was all about Samsung and HTC, this year it’s going to be the same, maybe with LG coming out.
              I would be surprised if it was otherwise.

              Besides Huawei (which basically competes against Samsung over low and mid-tiers) there’s no Chinese company that has a presence in the west

            • balcobomber25

              It was funny because I was getting ready to go to Shanghai and Beijing for business and he made one of his usual comments about how no one in China uses or talks about these brands. My first day in both cities, I saw more people using Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo devices than anything else.

        • MaxPower

          You also have to consider that Chinese brand don’t have a big margin of profit like Samsung or Apple do.

          A Redmi note 3 pro priced at $180
          will probably cost $130 in one year while a Samsung A8 that today costs $500 will maybe drop to $300 in one year.
          That doesn’t make it a better deal today nor in one year.

        • cyril dieudonné

          I live in China, in Beijng exactly. I have been living in other provinces before. I have been here for years already. Since Xiaomi released the Xiaomi 2, it has been a very very hot topic. Everybody talks about Xiaomi, and about his CEO. Everybody knows the brand and is proud to say that it’s Chinese. I exclusively use Xiaomi, and everyday, almost, Chinese come to me asking me what I think about it, and say that they are proud to see foreigners using them. A lot of people is holding to buy a xiaomi product. And not only the phones. It is almost an empire here. The fact is, their line “Hongmi” works more than “Mi”, since they are less expensive and with very competitive specs. In China, Xiaomi is in the top three regarding the sales. Samsung, huawei and Xiaomi. They sell in Brazil, Africa and India. They very far to be unknown, and more likely they are just one step behind Apple and Samsung in term of Social Status Exhib. So, Dude, if you were being sarcastic, I am sorry, my bad. If you were not, you should “really” live in China, or if you “really” do, take the subway, talk to people and open your eyes.
          Have a great day.

  • E8hffff

    Mediatek will need to race to get out their X20 to have rival phones to compete

    • balcobomber25

      We will see some X20 phones announced at MWC.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        what about ACTUAL SHIPPING LAUNCHES ?! when will the early birds get their x20 phones IN FLESH !?

        • balcobomber25

          Depends on how far along production of the X20 is. My best estimation is Mid March the first X20 phone will be sold.

  • Guaire

    They just need to avoid 2 things IMO. Overpricing and 16GB memory.

    S7, G5 and M10 wouldn’t be direct competitors hence those will be twice as expensive.

    Most likely HTC gonna be loser again.

    • balcobomber25

      I think there will be two Mi5 models: one for 1999 and one for 2499 (or more). The base model will be 32GB Memory, 3/4 GB, 16MP and 1080p. The Pro model will be 64GB, 4GB, 16mp and 2k.

      As for HTC, I think the M10 will be their last stand. Either it will bring them back to the forefront as a competitor to Samsung and LG or it will be the final nail in the coffin.

      • Twister12

        Not sure of that base model with 32GB memory. If Samsung & Iphone could get away with 16 GB why not Xiaomi?

        By the way what’s with HTC? They have great specs, design & all and yet they are struggling.

        • balcobomber25

          32 is just a hunch, but 16 wouldn’t surprise me as that has been the ‘base’ level for Xiaomi phones for awhile now.

          I have always liked the look of HTC devices (so did Apple lol) but I would never buy one. They are priced too high for what they offer, the One A9 is a midrange phone that retails for $500. The Desire 626 is a good looking phone with terrible specs that retailed for nearly $200. They price themselves out of the market before they even release a phone. They also have had serious supply problems over the years.

          • Guaire

            A9 was at same price range or more expensive than Samsung S6 32GB on some EU countries I have checked and in my country at its initial release and even a couple of months later.

            Now seems like they discounted at those EU countries. Though right now in my country its price is same with 32GB S6 Edge, because local managers have no discount policy to protect its customers. That’s kinda funny considering their customers almost nonexistent.

            • balcobomber25

              A 32GB unlocked one in the US right now is selling for $499. That same site has the Honor 5X for $199, is an extra GB of RAM and a slightly upgraded SoC really worth an extra $300?

            • Guaire

              They are confusing themselves with bitten fruit company, I guess.

              I would really understand that high prices if people was rushing to get their handsets like they does for Apple’s.

            • balcobomber25

              Exactly, it makes little sense to me.

          • Twister12

            I like their flagships the M8, M9 it’s gorgeous but I still love my Xshot over those two. M9 now cost here around $430, A9 at $380 & 626 at $160.

            • balcobomber25

              The problem is you can find phones with the same specs as the A9 for $150 and the 626 for $70.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            ” They price themselves out of the market before they even release a phone ”

            this is sooo on point ! this is what HTC is all about !

        • MaxPower

          because Xiaomi has to keep the price to $300 otherwise people will start saying that they are raising the price. Apple and Samsung don’t have this issue. for this reason my guess is that the basic version will have 16gb of storage

      • Guaire

        1999 for 32GB/3GB, 2499 for 64GB/4GB is my estimation. I guess both will be equipped with 16MP OIS camera with at least f/2.0 aperture and they will have same screen either FHD or 2K.

        There could be a second pair with curved screen, starting from 2499 up to 2999 IMO.

        I can’t understand what HTC trying to do, considering how things goes with their supposed hero device.

  • Nolan

    Way too late. Bye Bye Xiaomi Mi5.

    • Bailey

      How is it that they are late its only January. Samsung make do a keynote at MWC but the most likely will not come out same down. It be the standard 3 weeks by which time Xiaomi with have had the keynote and rumours are saying that the phone will be ready buy not long after. Xiaomi are mostly a China brand that you have to import Samsung are all over the world its a different market. So i dont understand why they are too late?

    • balcobomber25

      Whats too late about it?

  • Wontonchaos

    Any chance that it will support North American LTE bands. I realize that it won’t sell in the US, but LTE support for travelers would be nice…