UMi Touch more details, shipping 20th March

umi touch

UMi say that they will be taking their range to the next level with the launch of the UMi Touch which will ship to customers on the 20th March.

The UMi Touch is UMi’s attempt at building a user defined phone, what this means is that UMi have used information gathered from fans to kit out the handset to make it as desirable as they can.

UMi say that while designing the UMi Touch the company used the golden ratio in an attempt to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible while maintaining comfort. The result is an all metal phone that is strikingly similar to the Meizu MX5.

umi touch

A lot of detail has gone in to the metal chassis of the phone such as an 8.8mm R Criterion curved design which gives an identical edge radius to the iPhone 6S and beveled 45 degree edges where the metal frame meets the screen.

umi touch

So from a design and build point UMi are saying they have upped their game, and internally they have used hardware that customers have asked for including a 4000mAh battery, 3GB RAM, 16GB memory, and 5.5-inch display, in theory the UMi Touch should be a winner.

For those of you wanting to get your name down on the UMi Touch first then you can apply to be a ‘UMi Partner’ from today to the 17th Feb which will earn you a $70 discount. ‘VIP Flash Sales’ will take place on the 17th, while the regular old presale will start on the 18th with phone shipping on the 20th March.

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