Meizu set to layoff %5 of staff

meizu metal

Despite seeing a surge in sales by as much as %350 last year, Meizu are planning to slash its work force by %5.

Meizu have been growing fast over the past 2 years, in fact in 2015 the company saw growth of 350%. This growth is partly down to their larger product range (in the past they launched just one phone a year) but mostly due to their sub 1000 Yuan device that made up %50 of their total sales last year.

With such huge increases in sales the company looks set to thrive, so why then are they planing to layoff %5 of its workforce? Are the brand growing too big too fast or are they becoming a victim of their own success? We’re not sure on the official reason but source close to Meizu suggest that the cut in work force is a restructuring exercise aimed to help Meizu increase sales by another %25 this year.

Interestingly I had heard a similar rumour earlier in the month that suggested a cut of %10.

Chances are Meizu will continue to focus on 1000 Yuan phones as their core business as it worked so well for them last year.

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