Do you get eye strain or pains when using your phone? Bluboo have the answer

bluboo picasso

Bluboo are still on the hype train, building up to the launch of their Bluboo Picasso which features a neat eye-protection solution.

Bluboo claim that they Picasso is going to be the world’s first ‘blue-light eye-protection featured smartphone’, I’m not sure if that’s true but the idea they are selling seems like a good one.

In the entry-level Picasso, Bluboo have adopted an on-cell display with ‘blue-light glass’. This special glass is designed to cut down the amount of blue light, which has a short high-energy wave, from entering your retina. Why? Well blue light is also the main cause of eye strain, sore eyes and tiredness, so with this blue-light glass you should be able to use the Picasso non-stop without discomfort.

Bluboo Picasso

The protection is made form an optical grade PET material that is just 0.1mm thick and has oleophobic coating to help prevent smudges, smears and fingerprints.

If the Bluboo Picasso is starting to sound good to you then keep in mind that this entry level phone will be powered by the Mediatke MT6580 chipset so won’t have LTE support.

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