Shallots say that their Snapdragon 820 super phone will cost just 1999 Yuan

shallots helio x20

Shallots tend to keep out of the international playing field and relay on local customers, but the news that their Snapdragon 820 flagship will cost as little as 1999 Yuan they might get some extra global attention.

In a meeting held this week, Shallots managers told staff that the company had managed to ship over 100,000 phones. Compared to Xiaomi or Meizu this is nothing, but for a small niche player its a good number.

So can Shallots do better in 2016? Well looking at their plans to launch a Snapdragon 820 powered smartphone at only 1999 Yuan ($300) we think they might.

Apparently the new phone will feature an all metal body 2k display, 16 mega-pixel main camera, fingerprint scanner, 4GB RAM and 128GB memory. The specs alone are good, but rumours that Xiaomi are launching a similar device (with the Mi5) at a higher price could really help Shallots push sales.

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