How to set up the Elephone P9000 Fingerprint scanner

elephone p9000 review

The Elephone P9000 has a fingerprint scanner on the rear, but unlike other smartphones, it isn’t as simple to set up as some!

What we love about Android is the ease of use it offers you. Android is a superb mobile OS with powerful features, but with simple menus and easy to use options Google have made it really user-friendly.

It is rare to find a pure stock Android system on a phone though, and sometimes features added by the manufacturer aren’t as simple to set up as they should! Case in point the fingerprint scanner on the rear of the Elephone P9000.

Over the past year I have received around 20 smartphones with fingerprint scanners, and all have been very easy and relatively fast to set up. Even the Elephone Vowney has a simple fingerprint setting menu, but not the Elephone P9000!

Setting up the fingerprint scanner on the Elephone P9000

elephone p9000 review

Generally all that is required when setting up a fingerprint on your phone is to offer the phone PIN number or password. Once this backup security is in place the fingerprint option is unlocked, but it’s not so easy to find on the Elephone P9000.

  1. First you need to set up a password, not a PIN. If you set up a PIN number the P9000’s fingerprint unlock option won’t be available.
  2. Once you set up the password you still won’t be able to find the fingerprint unlock option under settings > security > screen lock. Instead you will have to go to the fingerprint menu.
  3. Enter Settings > Finger Scanner > Fingerprint Manager > (enter password). Here you will find the ‘Use to unlock screen’ setting. Once turned on you can use the scanner to unlock your phone.

Once this is all set up the fingerprint scanner works well, but I personally prefer a PIN number more preferable to a password, also the fact that the settings aren’t very initiative are a problem that Elephone needs to address!

Thanks to Marco Lancaster for letting me know about this, as I had personally given up and thought that the fingerprint option hadn’t been enabled on current P9000 Samples! Thanks again!

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