Huawei tease a stylus phone for MWC 2016

Xiaomi isn’t the only Chinese phone maker gearing up for MWC 2016. There are going to be a tonne other phone launches from a tonne other companies that are expected to keep tech enthusiasts busy.

Huawei is a company that has a lot on its plate currently. While rumours of the P9 keep coming thick and fast, there’s another device that the company just teased — one with a stylus. Yes, you read it right!

The teaser comes from Huawei CEO’s Weibo, with a line “A new style of business”. The teaser also mentions that the product would be launched on 21st February at MWC.

While a stylus-supported variant of the Mate 8 can’t be ruled out, it is also possible that this teaser is for the long-rumoured Huawei MateBook.

Styli were brought back into fashion after the success of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. Speaking of, Samsung too have a couple of big launches scheduled for MWC, in the Galaxy S7 and its edge sibling.

What excites you more? We at GizChina would love to see a laptop from Huawei!

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