First purported image taken with the Xiaomi drone

First purported image taken with the Xiaomi drone

image from xiaomi drone

The first images purportedly taken from the Xiaomi quad-copter have surfaced, increasingly the likelihood of a launch next week.

As well as the Xiaomi Mi5, a new affordable quad-copter by the brand is also believed to be in the works. Over the past few weeks we have seen patents that show a drone capable of following a user’s wearable, and even a leaked photo of the quad featuring a long body design and removable battery pack in the rear.

A new image today taken from above a village in China is believed to have been captured by the Xiaomi drone. It’s not clear if the image was captured with an internal camera or if the drone requires an action camera like the Xiao Yi camera to be attached.

xiaomi drone leaked

Details are scarce but it is largely believed the Xiaomi drone will measure 350mm and could cost below 1000 Yuan ($153). Chances are the drone will only see an official China launch, and international buyers will need to go through resellers to buy.

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  • Assefa Hanson

    dynamic range seems alright

    • David Peterson

      the dynamic range looks AWFUL!

      • Assefa Hanson

        nah the shadowed area doesnt seem extremely blown out, this is not s prpfessional camera its just a drone ive seen worse dynamic range

  • -0-

    It’s just a picture. What does it have to do with the xiaomi drone?
    What if I would have sent you a picture taken from my camera, and claim it’s from xiaomi’s drone? Would you also make a new article about it?

    • No, because you don’t have a Xiaomi drone.

      • -0-

        How so you know that I don’t? Maybe I broke into Xiaomi’s RnD department and stole one?

        • Sweet send me a picture of it then

          • -0-

            Here you go.
            This image is 100% legit. Remember, there are no lies on the internet.

  • Zeeshan Nathani

    only they could add a bigger battery for long air time