ZTE Spro Plus is a tablet within a projector within a WiFi hotspot

ZTE have expanded their Spro line of multi-use projectors with the all new Spro Plus.

The Spro Plus is an upgrade over the Spro 2 in more ways than one. First, the Spro Plus has a 12100mAh battery which will give the projector 4 hours of projection time. The brightness gets a significant upgrade as well, now shining bright at 500 lumens, up from 200 on the Spro 2.

Moving on, the device also gets a very usable 8.4-inch 2K display on top which gives the Spro Plus the ability to serve as a full-blown tablet.

There are a few under-the-hood upgrades as well, including but not limited to the processor (now a Snapdragon 801), RAM (3GB) and software (Android 6.0 Marshmallow).

The Spro Plus will come in WiFi and LTE versions in Q2 2016… which is also when we expect to learn about the pricing info for this device.

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