Oppo R9 first teaser, will it replace the Find 9?

Oppo R9 first teaser, will it replace the Find 9?

oppo r9 teaser

Oppo have released the first teaser image of the Oppo R9 and the design isn’t all that unsurprising.

Oppo have largely focussed on their ‘R’ range of phones for the past 2 years, and are planning to release the most up to date model on the 17th March. The R9 is its name and once launched will sit above the current R7 phones in the Oppo range.

The flagship device is seen in its first teaser today showing a slim gold metal body, white face and button locations. It appears from the image that the power button will be located almost centrally on the right side and a large SIM/SD tray will be located above it.

It’s too early to know the hardware that will be present in the new Oppo R9 but it’s highly likely that we will see the new Oppo tech which was shown off at MWC last month namely Super VOOC and Oppo’s super small OIS unit.

Chinese media are already speculating that the Oppo R9 might even have a Snapdragon 820 chipset, and could replace Oppo’s Find range as a flagship smartphone.

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  • HBK

    I Hope Not.!! Oppo Find series had a great design and Led SkylineNotification at bottom, Just loved it. The R Series looks too mainstream. Hate it.

  • Atomicrus

    Again Oneplus flagship killer donor)))

  • Nilzie

    Bring back the Find series!

  • realjjj

    Point being that it’s thin, close to 6mm. Unlikely they can shove SD820 in that and not melt it, maybe the Lite version at 1.8GHz but battery life would be a problem and something more frugal would make more sense.

  • seismo

    Well, about the SuperVOOC and OIS :

    Next year guys..

    • benoita74

      Actually the schedule for now is second half of the year 🙂

  • David Košič

    Yeah calling it the find 11 makes it sound weird like they already introduced 11 flagship smartphones in last few years.

  • Sam

    I certainly hope not I love the Find series and I’m not a fan of the “R” series of phones. If that is the case then I Am completely giving up on Oppo and I will spend my money elsewhere.

  • Danny

    Why so many gold phones? Does anyone actually buy gold phones?

    • Clippoz

      In China yes…Gold is the color to pick.

      • Danny

        Unfortunatly never want to China. Do people really walk around with gold phones… guess its a cultural thing then. I was thinking it could be a fashion statement, like they are trying to make phones in other colors than white and black… but gold I guess I just dont get it.