Launched: Vivo Xplay 5 launched with 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 820

Launched: Vivo Xplay 5 launched with 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 820

vivo xplay 5 launch

Vivo’s Vivo Xplay 5 launch is currently in full swing, but we can already unveil some of the final specifications of this 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 820 phone.

Launch finished: Keep reading to see details of both Vivo Xplay5 devices launched at todays Vivo event in Beijing.

If you have been keeping up to date with the Vivo Xplay 5 news, especially yesterday, then most of the hardware for the flagship Vivo isn’t going to be much of a surprise.

As yesterday’s leaks mentioned, the current official specs for the Vivo Xplay 5 include a 5.43-inch 2K display, 3600mAh battery, Snapdragon 820 chipset and 6GB RAM.

vivo xplay 5 5.43-inch display

Update 1: We haven’t seen very clear images of the Vivo Xplay5 yet, but it does appear to have a curved glass display and uses a panel from Samsung Display. Other features of the phone’s design are an all metal body and USB Type plug.

vivo xplay 5 launch

vivo xplay 5 launchvivo xplay 5 launch

Update 2: The Vivo Xplay 5 has something called WIFI+. We’re waiting on more details about what this could be.

vivo xplay 5 launch

vivo xplay 5 launch

vivo xplay 5 launch

Update 3: Vivo have confirmed that the internal memory of the Vivo Xplay 5 is 128GB, and that the phone’s fingerprint scanner will operate in just 0.2 seconds, I can believe this too as the Vivo X6 Plus has instant unlock with the fingerprint and is (so far) 100% accurate.

vivo xplay 5 launch vivo xplay 5 launch

Update 4: Vivo have given the Xplay5 audio amplifiers. The specs include ES9028, and OPA1612 chips with independent left and right channels, meaning that left and right channels each use a separate OPA1612 chip. The system is called HIFI 3.0.

vivo xplay 5 launch

Update 5: The rest of the Vivo Xplay5 specifications are being announced now. They include a 16 mega-pixel rear camera, 8 mega-pixel front camera.

vivo xplay 5 launch

Update 6: In addition to the Snapdragon 820 version of the Vivo Xplay5 there will also be a more affordable version with 4GB RAM and Snapdragon 652 chipset. This version will also get a more simplified version of HIFI audio with only 2 chips.

vivo xplay5 4GB RAM

Update 7: The flagship 6GB RAM Vivo Xplay5 will cost a whopping 4288 Yuan! This roughly $654!

vivo xplay5 launch

Update 8: For those of you who ‘only’ need 4GB RAM and a Snapdragon 652 pricing is lower at 3698 yuan or around $564.

vivo xplay5 launch vivo xplay5 launch

The launch, held at the Water Cube in Beijing, hasn’t ended yet so keep posted for the full and final specifications. Also keep an eye out for news of another Xplay 5 model that is rumoured to launch today with 4GB RAM.

The launch is now over! What do you think of the Vivo Xplay5 and the crazy specs? What about those prices?

We are confirming the full hardware details now and will make an additional post with full details ASAP.


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  • Cpaun

    I was hoping for a bigger screen, but cool phone!

    • There is also a 4GB RAM SD652 model too

    • Disappointed

      Me too.
      Looks like I’ll be sticking with my Xplay 3s for another year or so…

  • guest

    What a huge disappointment! What happened to the 6-inch display?????
    Sorry, Vivo, but the 5.43-inch display is a deal-breaker for me.

  • SheyMo

    Wifi+ is also part actual EMUI. Its intelligent Wifi Usage which means it disable Wifi if u leave a known network and enable it automatically again if u be in near of a known network so wifi don’t need to run if theres no wifi network to connect anyway.

    • MattD

      We don’t know if it’s the same thing or they just have the same name…

  • 6GB RAM … Wow!!!

    • $654!!!

      • Yeah, 654$. And “wow” has changed to “lol”.

      • Assefa Hanson

        i think thats normal pricing seeing it has specs on par with the s7 which costs about the same… but in terms of general chinese phone being cheaper then no

      • Mi-fan

        Just because its a chinese brand it is not allowed to be expensive? The Huawei Mate cost more at launch so does the S7 and LG5. Im probalby getting this over the Mi5

      • Rob

        Suddenly the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge priced at € 799,- looks cheap.

      • Xiaolu

        Still cheaper than iPhone 6S (for that specs!). Anyways, I’d go Mi 5 Pro hands down. The only way I would pay that humongous amount of money be a truly convergent device (dock included, ofc!) that could replace my crappy laptop. I guess there’s a thin (maybe not that much) software line that separates me from a phone like this, as that hardware is, theoretically, able to meet my requirements (my Sandybridge core i3 ULV @1.4 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, is not a performance beast, you see).

  • MattD

    Yes vivo, in my face! I was that guy who said no one would have launched a device with 6gb of ram this year… Glad to be proven wrong! 😀

    Also, the “more affordable version” made me laugh, since it’s vivo we’re talking about… xD

  • Reggie

    And is only for Asian market or international…. I’m very interested if has Google play services

    • Paul R. Rohde

      You can add it yourself. Just download the Google Play .APK off the web. Transfer it to your phone anywhere, select it and it will install. Easy as pie.

  • triplepro

    What about the dimensions of the phone? around 7 – 7.5 mm thin?

  • Derevko

    Well… Amazing specifications but quite expensive. The fight (LG, Samsung and others) will not be easy. We know that Chinese brands are supposed to offer more affordable products. I really liked all specifications, and I think maybe this phone is perfect for me, but still hard to pay that with so many interesting options for similar price.

    • Roberto Tomás

      > Amazing specifications but quite expensive

      really? The Samsung Galaxy S7 costs about that much (a tad more even), with a smaller screen, less ram, less storage, and in general inferior specs.

      Vivo has never been exceptionally cheap, just that they have not until now released a product that absolutely led the market. This clearly does.

      I mean, I do agree that the 652-based lite version is waay too expensive. The price should be ~$400.

      • Derevko

        BTW, I’m in Australia, so I’ve to buy a phone without warranty, in practical terms. I don’t need a killer, so I’m not going to pay that for this phone (or for S7/iPhone/LG G5). I’m going to wait some weeks and decide among Doogee F7, Leeco Le Max Pro, Mi5 and maybe something else…

        • realjjj

          LeEco has one more with SD820 the x820 and the x620 with Helio X20. Both showed up in some benchmarks so should be released soonish.

          • Derevko

            Thank you. I’ll check it. 😉

    • realjjj

      The iphone 6s (16GB) starts at 5288CNY in China. So this at 4288 is a lot more reasonable. Ofc that doesn’t make the price good for us but that was a given with Vivo.

  • Paul R. Rohde

    The screen is smaller than the original Xplay!. Xplay means AV entertainment, not on this puny screen, with distorted edges with reflections. This is stupid stupid stupid. What in the hell were they thinking? It has great HiFi, so it kills me I won’t be buying this. I’ve waited so long. Of course the greatest audio experience is through headphones, but where are the stereo speakers?! It’s not an Xplay without stereo speakers for when needed. Some other makers are making large screens with the thinnest of bezels. This thing has an even thicker bezel, it almost looks like a tablet with a frame all shrunken down — and curved down so that edge fingers will interfere with screen functions even more. Oh the ridiculousness of this so call Xplay. A dumb mistake. The Snapdragon 820 also allows two rear cameras for images to be fused hi-tech computational photo enhancements. I was expecting Vivo to pull this off. We waited an extra year cycle for this run of the mill phone with a stupid puny screen. The original Xplay was a breakthrough. The Xplay 3S was the first in so many fronts and excellent. I’ve promised to give away my 3S for so long now. I don’t know what to do. I may be delusional but I’m guessing Vivo may bring out a “S” model in six months to correct all the wrongs in this thing. But I can’t wait that long. Enough of 32 Gb, no FM etc. Vivo needs a shake up.

    • Disappointed with Vivo

      Totally totally agree. I’ve been waiting over a year for the Xplay 5, and today is a HUGE disappointment.
      Vivo, you made me wait this long for……….a 5.43-inch phone?? WTF??????

      No way am I gonna buy this phone. What pains me is that everything else about it is perfect!

      • Rob

        I couldn’t agree more, I nearly bought the xplay 3s last year but put it off thinking this was gonna release soon. Every part of this phone is disappointing on a grand scale, can’t understand why the screen has shrunk so much when every other manufacturer had between increasing it! Only good thing is the insane price, I won’t even be remotely tempted to buy it. My only problem now is where do I find a high end 6+” phone worthy of my money??

      • I have a feeling that we are going to see Vivo focus more on audio from now on. Oppo will focus on cameras and OnePlus the budget flagships. Seems a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ has been come to by these three not to tread on each others turf.

        • HBK

          Agreed. +1

        • Paul R. Rohde

          And where will that leave the Xshot? I doubt they will drop that line? Or are they going to make a new Xshot with more detrimental photo parameters, like the deplorable AV parameters of the Xplay 5! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a valid phone, it’s just that in no way it fits in as the third Xplay. And we’ve waited so long. Its a piece of rubbish in this range, except the headphone audio. Audio recording is probably still shit like in the Xplay 3S too. Other than the headphone audio, the great things in this phone is due to the Snapdragon 820, which will be in so many other phones soon, so this phone is really not welcomed.

  • Mi-fan

    Holy shit. I need this

  • realjjj

    Budget version listed (including bands)
    The other one not updated yet

    Disappointing design with mild radius and big bezels. Curved is a design feature but they fail to put it to good use. Only gold and pink (Trump and bimbo) is plain weird. No microSD, no wifi ad , just USB 2.0. At least the battery is big , lots of RAM, split screen and it doesn’t cost 150$ more like some were expecting.

  • Steven Fox

    This is getting out of hand here – 6GB of RAM? Most desktops can open up to 20-30 tabs on Chrome with just 4GB of RAM, what will you do with it 6GB? Hard to imagine someone porting an actual Photoshop for professional work that requires to view images with insane res(a friend of mine works that and his office PC is a 16 core 32 GB of RAM and sometimes it`s not enough), but on a smartphone level that is impossible in the near future, as the CPU and GPU have quite the catching up to do.

    • More stripes, more adidas.

    • Stef

      You do understand that the two platforms are not comparable? Most desktops have 1080p screens? So what?

      Android makes better use of ram than Windows anyway (caching everything). I prefer to have more ram to a phone than a basic desktop.

      Similarly with resolution. For those using VR to their phones, even 1440p may seem a low resolution. Is it more than what most people have on desktop?

      Yes, so what? The platforms are unidentical , please people stop comparing things that cannot be compared.

  • Emil

    Get Redmi Note 3 and be happy.

    • Happy with what exactly? If I may ask 🙂

  • Dante

    ill take the risk and order the 6 gb ram ,version the second its available , every time a phone with lots of ram gets launched i buy it (just like the other vivo phones) i may not call it a risk because the xtouch and 3s were amazing phones

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

    We already knew it was going to have 6GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 820 and cost gobs of money but I think the screen size just blindsided everyone.

  • ramdroid

    Ugly copycat to the Samsung 6 edge specially the huge Bezzles and colors choice !!!
    Very disappointed
    I had high hopes but looks like it’s Samsung year for me

  • Inti Energia

    Someone will have to explain to me why he would buy this phone in Europe or in the US. When you add the VAT & resellers Margin you take the above prices and increase them by 1/3. So, you end up paying up to $1,000 for a phone basically without a guarantee. Or, I should say, you can send it back to China through your reseller and hope for the best.

    So this phone cost more than Samsung which has a service office here where I can bring my phone and get it quickly repaired if anything goes wrong in the next two years.

    • David Košič

      Well this phone is actually only meant for China and not for international markets. Only a big vivo fan would go out of his way to import this phone.

  • Nishikanta

    Audio is a welcome addition. Packs a punch in specs. But concerned with battery life as audio chips are powerhungry

  • Nolan

    1. Need AnTuTu v5 score
    2. Need AnTuTu v6 score
    3. Need Geekbench score
    4. Need a listing somewhere below $700 with free, tracked international shipping.


  • I find it hard to believe that Vivo are successful at all with such expensive phones compared to other Chinese competitors. Same with Smartisan, way to pricey for what you get, poor value for money, unless these OEM’s are hiding something that makes their phones worth the high price. Not visible to me anyway.