Official: No Xiaomi haven’t announced they are entering Poland

xiaomi mi5 unboxing

Earlier today there was breaking news when a seemingly official Xiaomi website in Poland announced the Xiaomi Mi5 and Mi4S would officially launch in the country. The details are not accurate though.

It was the news that Xiaomi fans around the world were waiting to hear, Xiaomi officially entering the European market and their first stop was Poland. At least that’s what this official looking Xiaomi website was claiming.

The new was quickly picked up by news sites, but as their was no link to the Polish Xiaomi site from the official Xiaomi Global page, we decide to reach out to Xiaomi and see what was up.

The reply was right to the point;

We have not announced plans to enter the Polish market. The website is not an official Xiaomi website.

So it’s too early to get excited about Xiaomi in Europe, but that isn’t to say it won’t happen eventually.

If you need some Xiaomi goodness to help you get over this news then why not check out our Xiaomi Mi5 unboxing and hands on video we posted yesterday.


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