Doogee F7 Pro scores 93476 points with Helio X20 chipset

Doogee F7 Pro scores 93476 points with Helio X20 chipset

doogee f7 pro antutu

Back at MWC we didn’t get to see a working version of the Doogee F7 with Helio X20 chipset, but the company claims that the phone is still in development and have released Antutu results.

The Doogee F7 Pro was meant to be shown at MWC, but when we met with the Doogee team in Barcelona all they had to show us was a dummy phone. Still the phone is coming to life and it will be the first flagship device from Doogee since they started making phones all those years ago.

Specs for the Doogee F7 Pro include a Mediatek Helio X20 chipset (the same as the Zopo Speed 8), 4GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and Android 6.0 out of the box. The 5.7-inch display has a 2K resolution and the rear camera is a 21 mega-pixel sensor.

So the specs are potent enough to be a flagship for early, but what about performance? Well we can’t know for sure how well the Doogee F7 Pro performs until we get one in our hands, but the company has released Antutu results showing it scored 93,476 points.

Apparently Doogee are aiming to keep the phone priced at around $200, however we’re not sure that’s going to be possible with all the bells and whistles they are promising. Perhaps instead we will see a Pro and Lite model launched instead?

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  • Adam Irvine

    Never mind their phones, when’s that mad little cube projector of theirs coming out..?

    • should be soon, they already offered us a review sample

  • SnowyCat

    On one hand i would like to get the m5 isntead of something like this because of the quality..and on the other hand i really want a bigger display 5,5-5,7″

    so i guess the f7 is in the race but i will probably wait longer for the leeco 2 or mx6 as i have a bit more faith into them to know what they are doing and their software.

    like i dont mind if the processor isnt on par with the 820..

    i got the 801 in my mi4 and i cant complain about the performance at all..but a little bit of boost will surely be appreciated.

    • MattD

      Wait for next mi note then!

  • coolgreek

    I truly cant explain the antutu results on this… The CPU/UX scores are enormous and show a top of the line processor (like X20 is meant to be anyway), but the GPU score is weird. Very weird… I mean Helio x10 scores about 12000 at 3d, Snapdragon 650 about 19000 and i see this at 6300?
    I am the only one who things this is weird? Maybe Photoshop?

    • Plumplum

      You’re right, 6300pts is even less than mt6752 (mine scores 6700pts in 3d) with MaliT760mp2!
      But I’ve got other very strange results too…
      For exemple my Intel z3745 scores 11000 (1920×1200), that’s far better than my mt6752 (1920×1080)…
      And guess what? Mt6752 is faster in game…

      I don’t trust Antutu anymore…

      Even on Galaxy S7, Exynos scores 37000 in 3D, Snap820 scores 55000…I heard that in game such as Real Racing 3, Exynos is far better…

      I’m asking : Who pay the development of Antutu?

      • MattD

        Apple, of course

        • Plumplum

          Not sure…v6 suit very well to snapdragon 820 too…

        • balcobomber25

          I would say Qualcomm.

      • Nilzie

        its a pre release phone guys. there may be bugs in the software still

    • Stefan Halter

      The 3D Score of the Zopo Speed 8 Prototype from MWC 2016 was 13985 so this 6300 seems a little low

  • realjjj

    While noting that Antuntu is garbage and nobody should care about results, Doogee had another result a few days ago

    • balcobomber25

      For once we agree on something! Antutu is beyond garbage.

      • xi7

        my second doogee … homtom ht6, no problem with battery ! 10h video loop hd, brightness 100%.

        homtom > k6000 > ulefone power
        10% drain each 85min

        • balcobomber25

          What does this have to do with antutu being useles??

          • xi7

            nothing , just show you again about battery not fake.

            • balcobomber25

              I really could care less…

        • Assefa Hanson

          cubot h1 is better 😛

          • xi7

            my first cubot zorro 001 stopped the touch in 5 days, never more cubot

            • Assefa Hanson

              :O for real, i wonder how many doogee products have failed in general? we can look at some forums if yah want.. the thing is all phone brands have bad models even the Samsung galaxy s6 had dead phones… but if i had that experience like you id never buy another cubot again thats understandable

        • Aaron

          Homtom HT6=MT6735P=Quad-Core 1.0GHz HD screen
          k6000=MT6735P=Quad-Core 1.0GHz HD screen
          Ulefone Power=MT6753Octa-Core 1.3GHz FHD screen

    • SnowyCat

      its a bit weird because most processors got a boost from 5.x to antutu 6

    • Roberto Tomás

      that would be kinda impressive

  • Karly Johnston

    The X20 has incredible cpu performance, but it’s gpu is garbage.

    • realjjj

      Based on what? Yes it’s weaker than others but if it doesn’t throttle it’s not even close to garbage.
      Here the Exynos 8990 long term perf , dropping 42%. An X20 with a 1080p would offer about the same or slightly better perf than the 8990 with 1440p. And this is not even a heavy test, some actual games are much heavier.

      • Karly Johnston

        Based on the benchmark we just saw. 6300 is pathetic.

        • realjjj

          Antutu has no relevance

          • Karly Johnston

            It is more relevant than your biased opinion.

            • realjjj

              My opinion is based on facts, yours is based on lack ol knowledge and arrogance.

            • Karly Johnston

              An opinion is subjective and yours is particularly biased in favor of MTK. A benchmark is objective and based on an actual test that just happens to be the industry standard. Snapdragon always has better GPUs so get over it.

            • Yeti hand

              shut up you know nothing about how gpus perform, we got it already

  • VMortens

    It’s still just Doogee. If I was to spend 200$ on a phone, Doogee would be at the bottom of my list.
    I cannot think of any reason to select this phone over for ex. Redmin Note 3 Pro.

    • highwind

      Multilanguage, LTE Bands, unlocked Bootloader

      • Nilzie

        and maybe better material. Not happy with redmi note 3 aluminium. cheap metal. its probably not cnc cut.

    • Domagoj

      better software, RMN3 Pro ROMs are full of bugs, with notifications’ problems, build quality is questionable with plastic parts’ creaks, design is not that attractive etc.

  • Assefa Hanson

    good price for specs but you cant trust doogee and anttutu means nothing or at least its hard to put the scores in context, a 720p phone can have a low score but perform better in games because its resolution is the sweet spot for its gpu, things like these antutu scores doesnt translate well making the numbers really ambiguous

    antutu doesnt even have tiers just a gigantic uselesss rank

  • princetom

    Still weird, but am sure mt x20 will do pretty good job this year

  • Roberto Tomás

    6k in 3d??? Oh wow, that is amazingly low. I think a fully clocked Snapdragon 820 scores a bit over 50k there… which also means overall the non-gpu specs of this phone are better than they would be in an snapdragon 820 phone (probably mostly a big lead on multi core and not too much missing in single core).

    edit: that is actually about 50% slower than it the Helio P10’s gpu score on the same version of antutu. Soemthing is wrong still.

    • Riccardo Benzoni

      maybe when photoshopping they forgot to replace mt6753’s GPU score, which I still believe will be the final SoC of this phone.

      • Roberto Tomás

        Yes, I believe it. The only thing is the 3d score is maybe a ltitle too good then. It’s right about midway between a 6753 and a 6755… in any case, that’s plausably it.

        And if they are photoshopping, nothing is stopping them from using an image of GPU scores from Antutu 5.6 — like the helio X10, which got just such a score back before antutu decided to just up and double the GPU scores with version 6.

        • Riccardo Benzoni

          I tried a mt6753 fullhd with that antutu version, it gave 5600 points in 3D. Maybe with a lower resolution (HD) you could hit those 6300.
          In any case, it’s not absolutely possible to get a score like that with a claimed x20.

  • fido futte

    Not bad score!!

  • Stef

    As if Antutu 5 was not confusing enough , now we’re encumbered with Antutu 6 scores which results are completely arbitrary and something of a black art.

    I would really hope that results from said app would stop being reported, that way it will fall into disuse and hopefully actually useful benchmarks will take its place or even none at all.

    I mean its insistence to gpu and single core , two categories that are secondary for Android, is scandalous at best. If I didn’t know better I would think that Antutu scores is a ploy to make apple SoCs seem better than what they actually are…

    • Riccardo Benzoni

      when photoshopping, they forgot to replace mt6753’s GPU score, which I still believe will be the final SoC of this phone.

    • Joel Adames

      I feel leaning into that same opinion…

  • Muhammad Yasir

    im gonna believe all this stuff when i see this phone in Andi’s hands going through rigorous testing !


    well…not bad…not really bad…

    But i was thinking that the MT6797T is still Helio X20 while Helio X25 is somehow a new design…I’am not truly sure if this is true…but i’am waiting…

    • balcobomber25
    • realjjj

      There is no x25 lol. Some random guy on Weibo comes up with an idiotic idea and everybody jumps on it.
      X20 has always been 2.5GHz and 2.3GHz, Just like X10 was 2GHz and 2.2GHz. And just like with the X10 ,the fastest version gets the T suffix. So you are right, the MT6797T is the X20.

  • Golden Glenn

    Doogee is a very good and stable brand. I think its the future.

    • Riccardo Benzoni

      and the best joke of 2016 goes to…

      • Assefa Hanson

        2017,2018,2019 and 2020

  • Inti Energia

    Hey, isn’t that the same phone shown as the $50 Bluboo Picasso?

  • E8hffff

    Finally the scores are released.

  • highwind

    Onscreen buttons :/

    • MitsosDaBest

      Better on screen buttons, than buttons without light! 😉

  • tauerman

    Quick question in between please:
    Is the Redmi Note 3 Pro with 2GB Ram feasible? Or is 3GB Ram really needed?
    I could get the 2GB version pretty cheap for 205€ after shipping and VAT.

    • Xalis

      MIUI is a RAM eating monster go 3GB if you plan to use it for more things besides facebook/twitter/whatsapp.

      • tauerman

        Hm, ok but the 3GB version would cost me roughly 250€
        I will wait and look somewhere else

    • nirav patel

      Miui OS is so Ram hungry! For example my friend’s Redmi N3 with 3Gb Ram had 1.2Gb Ram free on first boot without any apps installed. My coolpad note 3 has 2.2 Gb Ram free even after 6 months of usage and more than 50 apps installed!

  • Wolvie

    Doogee have a bad reputation for lying about their hardware specs.

    Probably in the end this model will come with x10 with same pricing, a bit modification on the android firmware to show different cpu identification to fool the buyer thinking they have the real thing.

    Be careful, be very careful if you want to buy doogee brand.
    You have been warned !!!! LOL

  • PutinVlad

    that 3d score in antutu really an inbalance soc. its too low..

  • Tonaize

    Is that GPU score correct.? That’s way too low..That’s even lower than X10 i think.

  • Anes Fansub

    very que piensan de esta comparación entre un tope como el iphone vs un chino de bluboo , me sorprende el bluboo /watch?v=gwstweiDqD8