GPD’s updated gaming handheld, the XD2 is coming soon

GPD is among the few Chinese gaming handheld makers that has managed to survive through the wrath of budget smartphones.

The GPD XD is already fairly popular, and the company plans to out an upgrade for it. Known simply as the GPD XD2, the handheld is expected to be made available in the coming weeks.

The company has been building up hype with some pictures that it has shared on Chinese social networks. What has been established thus far is that the GPD XD2 will (obviously) run on Android, and will have a 6-inch screen. It won’t be a regular screen, but one with a swivel-friendly Lenovo Yoga-style hinge.

Compared to the previous-gen GPD XD, the 6-inch screen reports a 1-inch increase in diagonal size.

A keyboard add-on concept video was found on the web:

Despite the onslaught of affordable phones, GPD seems to enjoy quite a following in China and among customers worldwide. It’ll be interesting to see how much the GPD XD2 goes for in the end.

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