Xioami Mi Note 2 could be the next Chinese phone with curved...

Xioami Mi Note 2 could be the next Chinese phone with curved screen

xiaomi mi note

Korean news sources have already hinted at Vivo, Huawei and Xiaomi getting their hands on curved displays, and with Vivo’s Xplay 5 already launched could it be the Xioami Mi Note 2 that will come next.

After the Xiaomi Mi5 launched with a flat panel and some choices that have left fans puzzled (some are asking why the small screen, and the ugly home button), attention has shifted to what the next generation Xiaomi Mi Note will have to offer.

If you cast your minds back to last year, the Xiaomi Mi Note was the first Xiaomi to launch with a curved rear panel and was (and arguably still is) one of the best made Xioami smartphones to date. Rumour are now circulating that the 2nd gen Mi Note will boast a Samsung Display curved panel, like the Vivo Xplay 5, only on a larger scale.

The previously Xiaomi Mi Note was a 5.7-inch phone, so we assume the upcoming model will be a simlar size (or as close as possible). Behind the curved panel a Snapdragon 820 processor and around 4GB RAM will come as standard.

Xiaomi aren’t likely to launch the Mi Note 2 in the coming weeks as they will want to maximise sales of the Xiaomi Mi5, but we don’t expect they will wait too long to start the teasers and ‘leaks’.

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  • dh33r4j

    Likely to launch alongside with Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

    • Wolvie

      But Xiaomi Mi Note 2 price will be much lower than Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

      Actually the real problem with Xiaomi is they always don’t have enough stock (not at highly mark up online re-seller price) to distribute to the whole world.

  • Inti Energia

    The brick wall is back! I was a bit worried there…

  • Guaire

    I don’t think that Mi5 and Mi Note 2 (Pro?) demand overlaps.

    • Nilzie


      • Guaire

        People who are waiting/demanding for a cheap SD820 phablet won’t buy Mi5 despite it’s a great deal.

        Mi Note 2 (Pro) can’t hurt Mi5 sales and vice versa.