Meizu MX6 with Helio X20 and 6GB RAM?

meizu mx6 helio x20

Meizu rumours today tell that the Meizu MX6 (not the Pro 6) could ship with Mediatek’s Helio X20 processor and up to 6GB RAM.

Meizu split its top end phones last year with the MX range becoming the top of the range Mediatek phones, while the Pro range became the Exynos powered phones. Currently the Meizu MX5 is powered by a Helio X20 while the Pro 5 has a Samsung chipset, but things don’t last and an MX6 is on its way.

According to sources the Meizu MX6 will feature a Helio X20 chipset, which doesn’t seem all that surprising, well in fact it does. So far the only Helio X20 phones we have seen so far are from Zopo and Doogee, which suggests that the latest Helio chip isn’t getting much wide acceptance from the larger phone brands (perhaps they are waiting for a Helio X30 to arrive?). The next tid bit is the MX6 could have as much as 6GB RAM.

We’re not as convinced. The Helio X20 seems possible, but 6GB RAM isn’t likely to happen. In all honesty though we feel that Meizu might use the Helio X20 in a new Meilan phone (Meizu Metal 2 perhaps), while the Helio X30 would make more sense with more RAM in the MX6 with a later 2016 launch date.

This way Meizu would have a new phone with the latest Mediatek chip, and would mean that their budget and flagship phones won’t overlap in the specs department again. Then again this is Meizu we are talking about and they have been known to surprise us in the past.

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