Vivo V3 is a new phone aimed at Global Markets launching 24th March

vivo v3 teaser

While Vivo haven’t launched the Xplay 5 outside of China, that doesn’t mean they have forgotten all about their global fans, in fact they have something special just for them in store.

All that is sure for now is that the new Vivo will be named the Vivo V3 and one of its main features will be speed, whether this means that the phone will have a Snapdragon 820 and 6GB RAM like the Xplay 5 though is another matter.

Vivo shared a couple of teasers with us that show crystal, metal and wood which is an obvious hint a the materials the phone will use. Likely a glass display (sapphire perhaps, metal chassis and wooden rear panel).

vivo v3 teaser

Vivo say that the Vivo V3 will launch in their global markets, so don’t get too excited and believe this will come to all countries, but rather India, Malaysia, Thailand etc. The launch date for the Vivo V3 is the 24th March stay tuned.

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