Ulefone Future will have on screen virtual keys and CM ROM

ulefone future on screen buttons

Ulefone have confirmed that their bezel-less Future phone will have on-screen virtual keys and that a custom Cyanogen ROM will be available for it.

In recent videos showing the Ulefone Future, the phone has been seen with on-screen navigation controls, and this has lead to questions wondering if the final release version of the phone will feature physical controls or on-screen controls.

Ulefone have confirmed that virtual buttons will be used on the phone, but they the navigation bar can be hidden when not in use. The company also mentioned plans to have the navigation controls move from the left to the right making it easier to use the phone one-handed.

In addition to onscreen controls, Ulefone have also confirmed that the Ulefone Future will launch next month with Android 6.0 pre-installed, and for users who want something a little different a Cyanogen ROM will also be made available to download.

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