Watch Elephone as they pit their Elephone S3 against the Xiaomi Mi5

Elephone have a bit of a bee in their bonnet when it comes to the Xiaomi Mi5 and this is their 2nd video showing another of their phones up against the flagship Xiaomi phone.

In a previous video, Elephone took the Elephone P9000 and showed it in comparison to the Xiaomi Mi5, now the company have taken their metal bodied Elephone S3 and done the same.

The video above goes over a few of the design and specification differences of the two phones, but in reality it is hard to believe that someone who was in the market for a Xiaomi Mi5 would even consider the Elephone S3. Put aside the fact the two brands are leagues apart, the Elephone S3 is clearly aimed squarely at people wanting style over performance while the Xiaomi Mi5 is a phone for people who require speed and performance over design.

Perhaps Elephone should compare the S3 against the new Oppo R9 instead, or would you prefer to see more original videos from them?

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