UMi Touch shows off speedy fingerprint security

A new video shot by UMi shows how fast the fingerprint scanner on the UMi Touch is compared to the iPhone 6S.

Now that the UMi Touch is officially in stock and shipping to customers we will soon know just how good the latest UMi is going to be.

However before the phone does land with buyers here is one more video to take a look at which shows the speed of the UMi Touch’s fingerprint scanner compared to the iPhone 6S.

Generally speaking we should normally play it safe and be a little cautious of the claims in the video, which shows the UMi much faster than the iPhone, but I think this is legit.

In our office we have iPad’s with Apples Touch ID feature and it is quite slow and quite inaccurate at times, especially compared to most modern Chinese phones and their fingerprint scanners.

The UMi Touch appears to be a well-rounded Android phone with 5.5-inch FHD display, 3GB RAM, and 4000mAh battery all wrapped in a full metal body. Hopefully we will receive one soon for review.

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