Another batch of Elephone M3 sample photos

Elephone M3

Second batch of allegedly original and unedited sample photos from Elephone M3 just arrived at our doorstep so we are of course immediately sharing that with our readers.

On paper the powerful Sony IMX230 with f/2.0 aperture and 21 Megapixel looks always powerful, but the perpetual Elephone issue with problematic software side of things always lurks around. Will this time the chinese maker break the curse of subpar camera optimisation ?

This batch of photos focuses mostly on the closeups and those looks fine with promising quality and rich details, but the same issue with little washed out colors of the sky are still present.

For the record pictures were clearly taken by the 3 GB version of Elephone M3 (judged by the resolution) so using the aforementioned Sony IMX230 sensor.

Full resolution pics could be downloaded HERE so you can see for yourselves how much promise the Elephone M3 holds in the camera department.

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