Yet another uphill battle in UMI Touch vs iPhone 6S comparison

UMI Touch

Iconic place in the chinese mobile pond is without and doubt occupied by Apple products, specifically any iteration of the iPhone. Comparisons with the latest Apple model are bread and butter before any new handset market entrance. And UMI Touch is just around the corner, so trying to score some victories over the major rival is intensifying.


UMI Touch can´t compete for obvious reasons in terms of sheer hardware power, but still packs some punch in some other areas. Like the fingeprint unlock, where it allegedly matches or exceeds iPhone’s speed and on top of that offers simple unlock without the need of waking up screen.

In terms of camera performance we have already seen the direct comparison between Sony IMX328 sensor in UMI Touch and iPhone 6S and that left us curious about the reality. To help us decide the company provided yet another video of camera comparisons, this time aimed at the Xiaomi.

Last but not least comes the theoretical advantage in way larger battery capacity, where hopefully the UMI touch will shine with 4000 mAh.


Cherry on the top of course is the inevitable price comparison in the very end, where UMI Touch rules with 179.99$ official pricetag. Do we expect something like the iPhone 6S ? Not really, but the bang for the buck can be really high and we are very much looking forward to getting our paws all over the new UMI.

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