Elephone P9000 Edge has a Helio X25 and ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

elephone p9000 edge

Elephone have finally posted the Elephone P9000 Edge on their website with Helio X25 chipset, borderless design and ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

So Elephone promised 3 versions of the P9000, 2 are already on sale and the flagship P9000 Edge has been listed, but before you get too excited just remember what day it is.

According to the banner image on the Elephone website the P9000 Edge will boast the Helio X25 chipset, a bezel less design and ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

But aren’t Meizu meant to be the only ones to have the Helio X25? Well yes, and they still are. You see, as soon as you hit the link from the Elephone homepage this happens!

elephone p9000 edge

We hope this doesn’t mean that the P9000 Edge isn’t launching, but its still a better April Fools prank than Meizu’s.

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