Huawei tease the dual-rear camera Huawei P9 on video

Huawei is pretty excited about the upcoming Huawei P9, and is doing all it can to let others know about that. The phone is expected to come out tomorrow, i.e., 6th April.

However, we’ve been treated (subjected?) to some nice and steady leaks and rumours around the phone. We’ve managed to peek into a possible spec sheet of the phone, glimpsed its dual rear camera setup, even got a taste of it in some leaked renders.

The hype is for real. Huawei however are in no mood to take a chance, and have put together a little video teasing the phone.

Worth noting is the use of adjoined circles hinting at the dual rear camera setup. The hashtag #OO makes a similar point also.

Take a look at the video below:

The Huawei P9 will be announced at an event in London.

What do you expect from this new-age flagship from one of China’s largest phone makers?

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