Video : Vernee Thor teardown

Vernee Thor

Vernee Thor hype is real and i’m sure there are plenty of people very interested in the phone, because the “on paper” price/performance ratio looks pretty stellar. But well still a little bit more time until the actual release so we have to quench the information thirst with small doses of official promos.

Today’s addition to the Thor information stack is pretty long video with detailed diassembly of the phone exposing all the innards. Looking under the hood of a phone can always be pretty interesting in terms of getting some idea about not just the components, but the build and quality of the build itself. So check it out :

We can expect at least two more weeks until the first chance of actual shipping of the first batch from the stores so still time to pre-order the Vernee Thor for the 119.99$ (or even 99.99$ price).


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