ZUK Z2 Pro ‘feels like an iPhone’ will come with health apps

zuk z2 teaser

ZUK will launch their new flagship phone very soon and the company have been making a few teasers about the design and what features it may have.

The original ZUK Z1 was a pretty decent package, but was let down by the awkward placement of the physical home button (not to mention buggy OS), so surely this has been solved for the ZUK Z1?

Well we don’t know about the physical button , or even if it will have one, but we do know the new phone will have a similar curved metal chassis to the Z1 only with a 2.5D curved display.

Company bosses have gone a little further to say that the design is similar to the iPhone and that the finished product will be well worth the wait. Our take on of this is that build quality has been improved this time around to give a more solid feel to the phone, and perhaps we will see a slightly thinner design too.

zuk z2 pro

Another teaser has also indicated that the ZUK Z2 will be loaded with its own health apps for monitoring various sports. The screen shot shows the app will work with walking, running and cycling, plus it can save heart rate information. This might also be a hint that a ZUK branded wearable might be on the cards too.

The screen shot also shows that the ZUK Z2 Pro will have space for dual SIM cards too.

The Z2 Pro is expected to launch with a Snapdragon 820 chipset, at least 4GB RAM, from 64GB memory, dual LED flash, laster auto-focus and a large battery.

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