Dooge Y300 got updated with new “Screen Record” and “Floating Video” functions

Doogee is one of the mobile phone producers who are always first and foremost focusing on the “bang for the buck” products and have quite a track record already in that. Their products are cheap and while probably won’t blow you away with their specs the price/performace ratio is high. Of course it can’t be applied to every Doogee product, but majority qualifies.

Doogee Y300 is without the question a member of the “bang for the buck” product group targetting the not-so-demanding audience and offering reasonable specs for the current 130-140$ price. Again nothing groundbreaking, but 5-inch display with HD resolution and 2.5D arc, quad-core MT6735, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of storage, 8 Mpix back cam interpolated to 13 Mpix, 5 Mpix back cam interpolated to 8 Mpix, 2200 mAh battery, dual-SIM and Android 6.0 are okayish baseline stats.

Now the Y300 gets even one small update bringing the “Screen Record” and “Floating Video” functions. Gimmick, but why not.

To have a clearer idea about the features we have a video for you, so check it out to see the new little stuff for Doogee Y300 captured in the moving pictures.

Screen Record:

Floating Video:

Whole look of Y300 Video:

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