How to reset the UMI Touch when you forget the password?

Are you a UMI Touch owner and did you forget your password ? Or did somebody messed with your phone while you left it somewhere for a while ? If you are in need of the drastic but working solution to these problems you need to factory reset your phone, which is nothing new for the veterans, but i’m sure many users would struggle with finding the proper way.

No need to despair, the process is pretty simple and with the help of the following company video it’s pretty much a piece of cake to do it. Just don’t get scared by the chinese letters in the factory menu and navigate to the “eMMC” menu option to perform the reset. Voilá we have the fresh UMI Touch in hand.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind you will lose everything stored in the phone’s memory so resort to this option only in the hour of urgent need only.

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