New portion of the Elephone riddles

Elephone is recently trying to play being mysterious, at least with the information about the upcoming Elephone P9000 Edge model. Few pictures here and there and we even have to guess and wonder whats on them for real.

You surely remember our last two small Elephone riddles and the guessing game about the meaning of the pictures, along the later reveal that it’s showing dual camera setup with dual LED flash. Then came another big question about the location of the fingerprint sensor.

One of the most voted and guessed option has been the scanner location being put into one of the edge buttons or the edge itself, but todays pictures are clearly showing that nothing extravagant or exotic is coming with P9000 Edge. The fingerprint scanner is going to be integrated in the Home button and all the extravagancy is limited to red circle around it.

Elephone riddles But let’s continue with Elephone riddle tradition and let’s try to guess the processor used in the P9000 Edge. Is it going to be the usual suspects with Helio P10 or X20? Or is Elephone going to surprise everybody with Helio X25? Or some other obscure solution? Let us know in comments under the article.

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