Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu version is officially out

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu

Even with the emergence of the new flaghship model Meizu Pro 6 the last generation is hardly out of steam and there is even a strong argument for Meizu Pro 5 being still the superior option. So it makes sense that the company is releasing even new version of the Pro 5.

Starting today the Meizu Pro 5 is going to be available in a pretty special Ubuntu edition, which is of course still a niche pick for the operating system, but for the enthusiasts it could be a pure nirvana. The phone is still packing extremely powerful hardware and thats not changing with the Ubuntu edition, so it’s still very appealing choice, but what about the price ?


We have a picture showing the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu edition listing on the JD Mall for 369.99$, which would be a very competitive price even for the 32 GB version, but as of this moment i can’t find it anymore either on the chinese or international JD websites. But it exists so we have to hope it reappears there soon enough again.

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