Ulefone Power on sale at Geekbuying,com for 159.99$

Among the big battery models the Ulefone Power is a pretty popular choice and many users are are already pretty happy with its extreme longevity. But now during the Brand Sale at Geekbuying.com you have a chance to get it even cheaper than usual.

Gizchina News of the week

During this sale event the price of Ulefone Power is dropping to 159.99$, which is not half bad considering the normal retail price is hitting the 199.99$. And for another 10 bucks you have a chance to get some extra accessories at discounted price also in form of tempered glass and TPU case.

Other Ulefone models are not getting shafted either during the sale so you can get for example Ulefone Paris for 119.99$ with tempered glass and flip cover or Ulefone Vienna for 169.99$ with TPU case as a gift.

The sale starts today April 26th and runs up to May 4th.

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  1. Resor Ek
    April 26, 2016

    Another shameless ad?

  2. Millet Air Purifier
    April 26, 2016

    This site is only ads anymore, i prefer kkj.cn

    • tauerman
      April 26, 2016

      but it is only chinese. Can’t understand a w ord on that site.

  3. Joel Adames
    April 26, 2016


    Listen up guys at GIZCHINA.COM we already see ads on the sides of the page IN between the news IN the bottom of the page FIRST thing at the top… I mean WTH!!!
    The last review was about… Uhmmm I don’t even remember and most likely Notting very important. I would rather see another review of crappy ELEPHONE S1 or old P7000 than this “NEWS” about discounts and stuff.
    By now you pretty much know we don’t like them hardly ever it makes any interest from us commented and other readers.
    So please Karel, Fabian, Andy et al, please go back to your roots you are not that far. This Karel guy I enjoy his writing almost as much as Andy’s I would like to read a review by him. But please organize your stuff and try to avoid SO many click bait nonsense “NEWS” …
    A new device = news
    A review = news
    A discount on the zuk z1 = not news
    A discount on MX5 = not news
    A discount on Meizu PRO 6 = news
    A discount on something without a current review from you guys = not news
    A discount on something WITH a current review with good recommended results = maybe news

    I hope others can give their opinions on this as I think this might hurt the page in the long run if it keeps this trend

    • Trayanee
      April 27, 2016

      I actually wouldnt mind If the sales were real deals at least but since when was the Power’s price $199? Its on a continous sale between $160-$170 for at least two months already on all reseller sites so this is just a crappy ad..