Elephone charging cable will take your measurements

Some Elephone products are often falling into the “little bizzare” category and it’s pretty amusing reading about them, not to mention writing. And today’s addition to their lineup is a prime example of that, even though at first glance it looks like just ordinary charging or synchronization cable.


But it’s not just any cable, its light blue, flat and made from hardened plastic. And now for the main feature, when you are not let’s say hmmm…charging your phone with it, then you can use it as a measuring tape, because it’s even comes with the markings. So no problem in measuring the bust, waist and hips of your girlfriend and if she has the perfect 90-60-90 you are in luck, because the cable is exactly 1 meter long so it will be enough.

Looking at the picture of the asian beauty i can’t help but wonder though, because if the cable is 1 meter long and she measures her hips with half a meter of it remaining then what sort of measurements she can realistically have? Simple math question 🙂

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