Homtom HT17 aims to please the speed racers

Homtom HT17

Just an ordinary day. You are sitting on a high speed train going faster than 200 kilometres per hour and suddenly your phone loses signal so you can’t play your Hello Kitty online farm anymore. Damn. And then comes the Homtom HT17 to the rescue and your world makes sense again.

Well even if the scenario above is not likely for many people myself included (our trains would probably melt going in such speed) the chinese manufacturer Homtom thinks its very important to add a feature alleviating the high speed issue to their Homtom HT17 phone. And of course it applies not just for high speed train rides so you can use your phone perfectly in every other high speed situation like running to get your salary or being fired from a cannon.

Joking aside the Homtom HT17 promises for real the stabilization of the mobile network signal in high speeds using special algorithms to help channel deviation correction and faster signal reselection and switch. Also they claim to increase the signal quality and sensitivity overall with some MT6737 tweaks. Well Formula 1 drivers will be happy for sure and the rest of you can read a bit more about phone here.

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