Is Doogee F7 Pro camera going to live up to expectations?

First announcement of the Doogee F7 flagship model dates back to the end of 2015 and during this year’s MWC the advanced F7 Pro model has been added to the company plans. Both models are rumored to be equipped with some pretty capable cameras so obviously we got pretty curious and asked Doogee about that.

Seems like on paper the hardware is really going to be pretty powerful, but the models are most probably going to be differentiated. Judging by the MWC the F7 should have 16 MPix unknown camera sensor, but in the most recent materials we got from Doogee its put on par with the F7 Pro getting the same 21 MPix Sony IMX230 CMOS sensor. So for now it’s a bit chaotic so lets focus on what we know about the F7 Pro camera for sure. The aforementioned Sony IMX230 offers PDAF phase focus plus laser assisted focus adding to up 0.2s focus times, f/2.2 aperture, customized 6P lens and 4K video recording with H.265 codec support.

The Doogee F7/F7 Pro should also get some deca-core CPU so probably something out of the Mediatek stable and apparently impressed some experts at the Global Sources exhitibion and got “Analyst choice” award in the process. Still it’s pretty unclear though when the F7/F7 Pro models are hitting the market, our estimation would be roughly somewhere around early July. If the Doogee can maintain the projected price with 180$ for F7 and 200$ for F7 Pro then we have some interesting pieces of hardware coming our way from Doogee.

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