Yi 4K Action Camera specs revealed as a GoPro Hero Black rival

xiao yi 4k action camera

If you have been following GoPro then you will know that they are having a hard time with their stock, well the bad news continues for them with the new Yi 4K Action Camera that has the GoPro Hero 4 Black firmly in its sights.

GoPro might be on of the original Action Camera makers, but it hasn’t taken Chinese firms long to catch up, and arguably one of the best Chinese GoPro alternatives comes from Yi. For those of you who don’t know, Yi are a start-up backed by Xiaomi and the company currently builds IP camera, car cameras and action cameras that are available in China and internationally through Amazon.

The original Yi Action camera has been around for a while now and a new 4K model has been teased for launch on the 12th May, but if you cannot wait for the official launch we have the full specification details for you here.

Yi 4K Action Camera specs

xiao yi 4k action camera

These specs come from the official Yitechnology.com website from a page that compares the new Yi 4K camera to the GoPro Hero 4 Black.

Compared to the GoPro, the Yi 4K has a more powerful Ambarella A9SE processor, a Sony IMX377 12 mega-pixel sensor, built-in 2.19-inch 640 x 360 display (yup, a high res display in an action camera), dual band WIFI, a larger 1400mAh battery, 120 minute run time, 3 axis gyro, dual microphones and a low power Bluetooth remote.

The Yi 4K also supports slow motion video, lens dissertation correction and a super fast 3 second boot up speed!

Those are very impressive action camera specs, but we have to keep in mind that those specs are compared to the GoPro Hero 4, and that GoPro themselves are set to launch the Hero 5 in the coming months with very similar features.

It remains to be seen which action camera will come out on top, but our money is on the Yi 4K as being the more affordable of the new breed.

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