HTC records fourth consecutive quarterly loss


It’s public secret that taiwanese behemoth HTC is not doing great for quite some time already, but the recent financial results are putting it even deeper in the ground than expected. The company has recorded fourth straight quarterly significant loss and that’s certainly a ground for major worries.

According to the report released HTC lost roughly 960M yuan ($147 million) in the first three months of 2016 and the revenue tanked to 2.96 billion yuan ($456 million). Compared to last year’s first quarter it means gigantic 64 % drop and the company has amassed total loss of 3.79 billion yuan ($581 million) over the last four quarterlies.

Facing such staggering numbers the HTC still remains positive and optimistic towards the future, especially concerning the HTC Vive virtual reality system where they even invested $100 million into the content for the VR. They seem to be very happy with their current crop of the phones with HTC One X9, Desire 825/630/530 and the flagship HTC 10, but despite positive reception at MWC and CES i’m fairly sceptical about real sales success. Personally i think only the major breakthrough and success with the VR headset can ressurect the company and bring them back to the land of the living.

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