Cubot Li-Pol battery creation processed captured on video

Today we have slightly unusual video for you, so let’s take a break from all the stress tests and look at the creation process of the Li-Pol batteries with the safety and functionality tests. Cubot company has invited us for a small tour of their battery factory.

First of let’s recap some boring theory facts about the Li-Pol batteries. Resulting chemical formula is LiCoO2 while the lithium-polymer accumulator uses solid electrolyte instead of the liquid one. Cathode is consisting from lithium-cobalt oxide or lithium-nickel-cobalt oxide. Compared to same capacity Li-Ion battery is the Li-Pol roughly 10 to 15 % lighter but 10 to 20 % larger.

Cubot claims that the battery creation process is a pretty complex one and we have all the reasons to believe that. The process itself has 20 creation steps and 24 more control steps where the battery is tested for various things like self discharge, proper voltage, toughness of the battery seal or weld seam firmness. After that comes the testing period when the battery is put inside the phone, charged and discharged multiple times, gets tested against falls, vibrations,extreme temperatures and the safety tests. No battery that fails all of the complex tests is allowed into the final product and the 100 % okay batteries are stamped with the international certificate IEC63133. Since the beginning of May the Cubot factory started to focus on the development and manufacturing batteries for the Cubot new models Cheetahphone and Rainbow.

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You can check all the above mentioned things in the following video and i can really recommend watching it, because it’s really not the typical boring chinese phone self promo stuff.

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