Unknown ZTE Axon pic shows rear speaker and screwless body

ZTE Axon

Thanks to the Weibo post from a ZTE vice president we have some idea about the design choices for the new ZTE Axon model and seems like the chinese company went with some pretty controversive ones.

Nothing wrong certainly with the thin metal body and rounded edges, but with a closer look its obvious that the speaker is going to be located on the back. That’s usually very unfortunate solution, because the sound can get bad when the phone is normally lying on the table. Remember the HTC Butterfly model ?

Another thing is the screwless design, which looks smoother and nicer, but it means the glue needs to be used excessively making the servicing a little bit more difficult. Nothing groundbreaking, but is it worth it ?

We shall see how the new ZTE Axon device will shape up in the coming weeks, because so far nothing exact has been released about it.

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