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The mid-range ZTE Axon 11 5G was launched in March. Now, ZTE wants to make 5G accessible to everyone and hence ZTE has brought its …

ZTE Axon 7

Even before the ban imposed by U.S. ZTE was working on an Android 8.0 Oreo update for the ZTE Axon 7. Now that the export …

The Axon 7 may have been a fantastic device all throughout, but unfortunately, nothing lasts forever as the device officially goes out of production

Out of absolutely nowhere ZTE has launched what is possibly one of, if not the most interesting phone of the year, the ZTE Axon M with a foldable design.

ZTE’s Axon series has been rather promising so far, and there’s now a fresh new addition to the young but strong family in the Axon 7s.

ZTE announce Axon 7 update will come later than hoped.

Xiaomi mi5s

The 11:11 sales have already started in China, and on some international reseller sites too! Here are 6 phone bargains you really cannot afford to …


Axon have announced that the flagship Axon 7 will officially launch in Europe with pre-sale for the phone starting today on Amazon.

ZTE Axon

Thanks to the Weibo post from a ZTE vice president we have some idea about the design choices for the new ZTE Axon model and …

zte axon mini premium

It’s a day for ZTE leaks today. Earlier it was the Z11 Mini and now a mystery flagship from the Axon range.

zte axon max

ZTE have created their own Huawei Mate 8 rival with the ZTE Axon Max, a 6 incher with similar styling touches as the smaller Axon series phones but in Huawei Mate 8 rivalling proportions.

zte axon

When it comes to the tablet market, Chinese manufacturers aren’s as strong as you might think, so will ZTE thrive any better if they launch an Axon branded model?

axon watch

ZTE have launched a round Axon smartwatch with AMOLED display and running Tencent OS in China

axon smartphone

The very powerful ZTE Axon phone is now joined by 2 other impressive devices in its journey to China.

ZTE will be bringing its apparently high-end Axon phone to the US market at the end of the second week of July.

axon smartphone

Axon aren’t a brand we expect you to be familiar with but be sure that you will see the name more often as the phone maker plans to bring its phone to the U.S.