If these Meizu VR rumours are real, it’s going to be a rad gadget to use on the street

Before Meizu got into its shell of making very similar looking devices, the brand was back at one point known for its eye pleasing designs (think MX2, MX3).

That said, a bit of the design gene still seems to be lurking around in the Zhuhai-based phone maker. VR is the current (and next?) big thing, so it’s fitting that Meizu have a VR headset of their own on the market. In fact, rumours about one are already rife.

Today what we got on our hands is a rumoured leaked render of the VR headset Meizu seem to be having in the prepping. As the title of this article suggests, it’s quite a new-age-looking gadget, that seems futuristic even for 2016.

Meizu VR Headset

That said, it’s the features and of course, the pricing that will determine how often (or if at all) you see cool kids wearing these on the street. Worth noting, however, is that it could be a little while before this Meizu Virtual Reality gadget becomes reality; Meizu is still said to be in nascent stages of development of the headset.

In fact, the company is said to be hiring engineers to help shape the brand’s VR future. We’ll keep a close look!

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